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Clix Wipers DISCOUNT CODE for Click-on Wiper Blades


Introducing Clix Wipers, the world's first click-on wiper blades! Clix Wipers is an interchangeable click-on wiper blade system that can be changed by anyone in under 10 seconds and this unique product is available in over 30 beautiful colors and designs. This is the ideal windshield wiping solution for car and truck owners, both residential and commercial.

Are you searching for discount codes for Clix Wipers? This low-cost nifty product is extremely popular in the USA and Canada in North America and here comes the good news because we have the best discount code promotion on the internet for you today:


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Clix Wipers Discount Code 




Clix Wipers



How to Save Money on Wiper Blades at Clix Wipers

Here comes our handy guide for saving money on replacement wiper blades at ClixWipers:

  • Let's get started and visit the official wiper website as normal:

  • On the website home page, just select the 'Year', 'Make' and 'Model' of your vehicle.

  • Next, simply select the wiper product set of your choice, including your preferred colour and design.

  • Click 'ADD TO CART' next to each product you wish to purchase.

  • To save money on your order, click the little shopping cart icon in the top right corner and then click 'CHECKOUT'.

  • This will take you directly to the checkout page.

  • On the right side of the screen, please enter the code above where it says [Gift card or discount code].

  • Now click the 'Apply' button.

  • And that's it! Your order will be fully discounted to match with the discount offer we are currently running.

  • Finally please fill out the short form and take your discounted purchase into the secure payment area.




Shop, Filter and Browse by Car Manufacturer

For speed and simplicity, you can shop by car make and the most popular bar brands include:


If you prefer, you can shop online using the 'Wiper Blade Size Finder' to make sure you choose the right blade length for your car model. Just choose the 'Year', 'Make' and 'Model' to get the right size for your vehicle.



Learn How to Change Windscreen Wipers the Easy Way

Quick and easy, you can learn how to replace your windshield wipers. Discover how Clix Wipers simplifies the old method of changing wipers with a simple one-click system.

The website provides a handy photo guide illustrating the different types of wiper clips, including C-Clip (J Hook), L-Clip (Push Button), I-Clip (Side Pin), X-Clip (Top Lock), X2-Clip (Slider Screen) and X3-Clip (Multi Hook). It sounds technical, but this solution makes it superfast and easy for you.




Discount Promotions : SAVE 25% plus 10% at

Recent coupon discounts have included 25% price reduction for 'Collections' and 20% saving when you "double up" and buy 2 sets and let's not forget the 10% offer displayed above for single set purchases or multi-set deals with free delivery.


Next Steps to Save Money on Wipers

ClixWipers brings together over 25 years of business experience and expertise in the windshield wiper automotive sector. Take advantage of the free shipping offer and choose from over 30 stylish custom designs for your vehicle when you buy replacement wipers online at




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